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     NEI Realty is the Real Estate subsidiary of Newman’s Enterprises, Incorporated which was founded in 1996 and launched in 2001. N E I Realty is an extension of our founder, Anthony R. Newman, who secured his initial Salesperson license in January of 1997. Prior to being awarded a Broker license in September 2001, Anthony developed his closing skills under the tutelage of a legendary Brokerage in the Los Angeles area (Ladera Realty, Inc., led by Val Murphy).


     N E I Realty takes its vision, purpose, and mission, from that of N E I. As such, it is considered by our founder and board of directors to be a ministrycentered on and sourced by God. We do not take a Real Estate Factory approach. Rather, we function from the perspective that “as The Lord sends, we serve.” We take our clients’ business personally, and apply extraordinary attention to detail to each endeavor. This likely speaks to why we have never fallen out of escrow on a single transaction nor have we suffered any litigation since our inception.

     At the time of our twentieth anniversary, N E I Realty had closed well over 300 residential transactions, with approximately 9% of our total transactions being in the commercial domain. Our company is robustly balanced with purpose, accountability, and a Board of Directors who are personally invested in its positive impact on the community. We intentionally maintain a very high-tech and efficient infrastructure that supports the dynamically evolving social and technological culture.

Our Story

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